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Social Media | Content Marketing | UX Design

The Task

Build and engage with the online community for Lap & Dado, drive engagement and help their clients choose the perfect furniture for their homes or work. 

Our Approach

Lap and Dado excel in crafting enduring, aesthetically pleasing spaces. Their creations seamlessly blend contemporary design, robust craftsmanship, and top-notch materials to fashion spaces that authentically mirror their clientele.

Our social media approach revolves around showcasing these unique creations via enchanting visuals and captivating reels, actively involving and educating their audience.

By concentrating on a robust CRM strategy, we have effectively established Instagram as the brand’s foremost sales avenue, driven by proactive engagement and prompt response management.

Taleworthy Impact

By focusing predominantly on organic content, we achieved a remarkable 35% increase in our follower count. Furthermore, by maintaining a consistent and diversified posting strategy alongside clear calls to action, we witnessed a substantial 27% boost in daily inquiries. Additionally, our collaboration with the team led to a transformation of their e-commerce website landing page, prioritizing a user-centric approach. This revamped page not only highlights Lap and Dado’s extensive product range but also streamlines the user’s path to purchase, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

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Landing Page design

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