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The Task

Build an online tribe of offbeat travellers, who want to explore India and beyond in a way like never before through immersive travel experiences that dive into a regions culture, history and more.

Our Approach

The travel category resonates profoundly with Instagram’s visual medium. So, we capitalized on our video and image libraries to present distinctive itineraries, undiscovered destinations, indigenous communities, and vibrant festivals from North-East India, which was the initial geographic focus for the brand.

Taleworthy Impact

Taleworthy’s strategic input has made a significant impact on Anvayins. Over the past six months, we’ve experienced substantial growth in followers and engagement. We’ve developed a versatile content strategy that effectively reaches various audience segments, including runners, corporate travelers, solo adventurers, and group explorers, allowing us to expand our presence in the adventure and travel sphere.

Content Strategy

Our aim with each content category, whether it’s unveiling hidden getaways, sharing exclusive itineraries, or revealing fascinating facts about these destinations, is to foster a deeper and more nuanced appreciation of the region while advocating for sustainable travel practices.


We partnered with Anvayins to craft and promote extraordinary itineraries for exploring the enchanting North-East India. Through our storytelling prowess and their local expertise, we wove captivating narratives around hidden gems, cultural experiences, and off-the-beaten-path adventures. These compelling narratives not only enticed travelers but also fostered a deeper connection with this breathtaking region, enticing adventurers to embark on unforgettable journeys with Anvayins.

Promoting the Anvayins Ultrarun

The Anvayins Ultrarun is a thrilling annual event organized to challenge endurance athletes and raise vital awareness for the conservation of the endangered one-horned rhino.

Run for the Rhino

Taleworthy played a pivotal role in launching Anvayins’ annual flagship ultrarun in Kaziranga. Through powerful storytelling, captivating imagery, and strategic content distribution, we created a buzz that attracted not only seasoned ultrarunners but also adventure enthusiasts from around the world who wanted to explore the exotic locales of Kaziranga. 

A passion for sustainable travel

Through the Anvayins page, our content strategy has been to promote unexplored regions, drive understanding of unique cultural traditions and support sustainable, ethical tourism.  


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