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Social Media Strategy | Content Marketing | Graphic Design | Video Editing

Asia’s first platform with a mission to help women take the fear out of fundraising so they can grow their business faster.​

The Task

Build an engaged online community of fearless female founders across Asia who are looking to learn how best to raise capital to elevate their businesses and drive them into the sales funnel for online and offline courses.​

Our Approach

We created a long-tail social media strategy to drive trust that leveraged founder success stories, case studies, insights into bootcamps and masterclasses, and funding related resources that entrepreneurs were looking for.

Taleworthy Impact

Our organic followers doubled in less than 3 months. Highest video views on Instagram inched close to 3 million and several new leads added into the sales funnel. As a result of well-researched content, consistently posted and a strong pulse on what our audience engaged with, we have been able to amplify the audience and empower more women to educate themselves on business funding.

Extended carousel formats have proven to be effective tools for conveying educational and informative content related to capital raising, funding opportunities, and showcasing the success stories of clients who secured funding with Next Chapter Raise’s support.

Content Strategy

The content strategy for Next Chapter Raise is tailored to empower small business owners and female founders. We’ve curated a rich blend of educational funding insights, relatable founder memes, course and podcast promotions, and small business essentials. Our mission is to be a trusted, relatable, ongoing resource for these entrepreneurs, nurturing a deeper, lasting connection that helps them thrive on their entrepreneurial journey while strengthening their bond with Next Chapter Raise.

Launch Video Promos

High energy and dynamic visualization styles defined the website and course launch videos. They were strategically crafted to captivate the audience within the first 5 seconds, deliver clear information about the offerings, and present compelling calls to action.

Landing Page Design

We designed a performance-driving landing page to drive awareness about the course modules, facilitators and pricing and drive conversion.

Ad Campaigns

Our performance-driven ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram for Next Chapter Raise was designed with one clear objective: driving conversions. Through strategic targeting, compelling ad creatives, and data-driven optimization, we delivered tangible results, helping Next Chapter Raise turn interested prospects into active leads and participants, furthering their mission and impact

Social Media driven by Edutainment

Taleworthy’s social media strategy for Next Chapter Raise is designed to build meaningful connections. We blend relatable founder memes, enlightening funding insights, and essential small business content to become a trusted resource. Our aim is to not only engage but also cultivate enduring relationships with entrepreneurs, fostering a community where knowledge and support flourish in tandem with our brand.


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